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Healing Touch

 Energetic Treatments


About Me

My name is Terri Gervais. I'm a certified Quantum Light Practitioner. I utilize this cutting-edge modality to illuminate pathways for sacred journeys within yourself. Through grace and compassion, I can assist you in awakening your internal radiance, bringing more light into your daily experience, and discovering potential gifts you have to express to the outer world. 

Awaken to your eternal nature
and become the
Beautiful Radiant Being that you are. 

My Treatments

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Yoga at Home
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One on One 

60 min Quantum light therapy

This session is performed in the quantum field of infinite possibilities where divine beings in light assist me to nourish your multibody system with ultrasound frequencies. These frequencies, uncover your light body by removing layers of density and they infuse your physical body with codes to resurrect the dormant genes held within your cells.

Remote Session

60 min online Quantum light therapy.

This session is performed in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Discover what is held dormant within yourself and emanate more of your light. Unlock your true potential and discover your true divine purpose. 

Mentorship Program

30 min online session

Free online consultation to discover your unique desire, gift, or talent. Clients who work with me have created new cutting-edge programs, discovered new healing modalities, and enhanced their current talents.


Terri & I have been working together for about a year and a half now.  The transformational healings & downloads that have taken place during my healings continue to grow &  reveal itself daily in so many ways.  Terri has been a trusted guide, mentor & healing force in my journey.   

Holli A - Idaho

Terri has been a beautiful blessing in my life for a few years now. She has helped initiate transformative change with her incredible gifts, not only as a healer and practitioner, but also as a woman and mentor. Terri is abundant with light and generosity, and to be in her presence is a gift and learning experience. She has been at the helm of bringing about tremendous shifts in relationships, love, career by unearthing past karma and blocked energy, and opening me up to abundance. I am so grateful for her! I wholeheartedly recommend a remote session with Terri to any of my friends/loved ones looking for healing or growth.  

Aubrey H - Texas

Terri's mentorship program has been instrumental in my forward progression. She emanates incredible grace-filled energy, gently guiding me to surrender to my inner wisdom. The co-creation resulted in the birthing of a new modality designed to contribute to the evolution in consciousness.

Barbara A. Bailey, Ph.D. - Colorado

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